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Attorney, Award Winning Author, Cybersecurity and Identity Theft Specialist.

Steve Weisman, BA, JD is a nationally recognized identity theft expert, experienced university lecturer, proven lawyer specializing in elder law, and a seasoned author of nine books pertaining to identity theft, scams and financial planning.

As a sought after speaker, Weisman combines forward honesty with a dash of humor on topics related to identity theft, scams, data breaches, cybercrime, cyberterrorism and personal finance protection.

He is an esteemed identity theft expert, appearing on national programs like CBS News, ABC, Fox, NPR, PBS, CNN, CNBC, and Dr. Phil and is a contributing writer at USA Today covering identity theft and corporate security breaches and also

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“When it comes to protecting your identity and your money, no one knows more than Steve. As a weekly guest on our show, he always knows about the latest scams. More importantly, he always offers specific information about how to protect yourself and his advice is both entertaining and easy to understand,”

Emily Volz, news anchor at WGGB, ABC affiliate for Springfield, MA.

He has been quoted in numerous publications including The Boston Globe, Barron’s, The New York Times, Money Magazine, The Washington Post, and The Wall Street Journal, and is a frequent contributor to New England Cable News (NECN). Weisman is the founder of, a website providing the latest information concerning scams and identity theft.Weisman is a senior university lecturer, speaker, author, talk radio host, and lawyer. A sought-after speaker, Weisman presents his extensive knowledge of law, identity theft and financial planning in an informative, light hearted manner, adding a dash of humor to the discussion.

A seasoned author, he has written nine books, including his latest published work, Identity Theft Alert: 10 Rules You Must Follow to Protect Yourself from America’s #1 Crime (2014). Weisman is a weekly commentator on scams and identity theft on WGGB-TV in Springfield, Massachusetts and the nationally syndicated radio and television “Big Biz Show,” and a weekly legal commentator on the nationally syndicated “Talk Radio Countdown Show.”

He hosts the Boston area radio show “A Touch of Grey,” syndicated to 50+ stations nationwide, including AM 970 (NY) and KRLA (LA). His radio show “Live Money with Steve and Ginger” was awarded an Achievement in Radio Award as the best afternoon radio show in Boston.

In addition to his work related to scams and identity theft, Weisman is the legal editor for Talkers Magazine, and has written numerous articles on legal matters, consumer issues and financial planning. Recognized for his weekly newspaper column, “You and the Law,” Weisman received a Certificate of Merit from the American Bar Association for excellence in legal journalism.

Weisman is a graduate of the University of Massachusetts-Boston and earned his law degree from the Boston College Law School. He is a member of the Massachusetts Bar and Federal Bar and is admitted to practice before the United States Supreme Court. A faculty member at Bentley University since 1998, Weisman was awarded the Gregory H. Adamian Award for Excellence in Teaching, in 2013.

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Over 700,000 identities stolen from the IRS

4 of His Best Selling Books

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Previous Speaking Engagements

IRS Town Hall Luncheon of IRS officials and tax professionals on identity theft. 2014.

“Making Money in Talk Radio.” Talkers Magazine’s New Media Seminar, New York City. 2010.

Identity Theft Speech to regional meeting of Columbus Life Insurance financial planners. 2013.

American Institute of Economic Research’s AIER, Windsor, CT. 2010.

“Goldman Sachs scam.” for Newton Lifetime Learning. 2010.

“Protecting Yourself From Identity Theft.” Financial Planners Association National Convention, 2008.

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