With some outstanding awards in the past, AllClear ID has been a good competitor in the identity theft protection plan industry. They have a patented telephone system and a mobile application in which consumers can stay up to date and on top of their identities. With their technology, consumers can be notified immediately of any potential identity theft or identity fraud that may be occurring on their credit reports or other sources of their identities.

The Positives

AllClear ID has an effective system on their backend in order to provide their consumers with information and specific in regards to identify threats. Their system entails using a mobile application and a secure phone alert system that they have patented. Through their systems customers will be able to identity potentially fraudulent activity once they are notified. If AllClear ID identifies the identity threat, the consumer is able to take action right away and they are connected with a professional trained to help them though the process. The connection is as simple as pushing the * key on your phone.

AllClear ID is aggressive and proactive to repair and restore the consumer’s identity by contacting the creditors, 3rd parties, law enforcement, etc. Because of this system, AllClear ID claims that they have a 100% success rate in resolving a consumer’s financial identity theft. With this new and one of a kind identity fraud detection service, AllClear ID scans a great deal of information reported on 3rd party companies and not just the 3 credit bureau reports. The consumer’s information is scanned on sites like retailers, consumer advocates, financial institutions, technology companies, academic researchers, government agencies and much more to identify potential identity theft of social security numbers, pin numbers, credit card or debit card numbers, bank account or other types of information that a consumer may use.

In the past few years, AllClear ID was recognized with Stevie Awards for outstanding customer service and they have received an award from Javelin Research. This industry group has named AllClear ID “Best in Resolution” in 2011 for helping consumers resolve identity theft cases. Additionally they were Top 5 for Best in Detection and Top 5 for Best in Protection two years later in 2013.

    • AllClear ID offers the following features:
    • Identity Repair & Restoration
    • Identity Theft Monitoring (Fraud Detection, does not include credit monitoring)
    • Fast & Secure Alerts by Phone
    • Immediate Connection to AllClear™ Investigator
    • Identity Theft Insurance Coverage of $1 Million
    • AllClear Credit Monitoring
    • Lost Wallet Protection
    • ChildScan: Detect & Repair Child ID Theft (for $4.95/month more)

AllClear ID not only focuses on helping consumers directly through their website, but they offer plans for businesses to provide for their employees.

The Negatives

Unfortunately, AllClear ID has many consumers complaining about AllClear ID’s customer service quality. Some of the most frequent complaints from consumers include:

Agents that have heavy and difficult to understand accents.

Items not being detected by the service.

False positives on alerts.

AllClear ID has a Better Business Bureau rating of A- despite this and it does not show a large volume of complaints.


AllClear ID offers a 30-day free trial. Consumers can then sign up for the AllClear ID PRO package for $14.95/month.

There’s an additional $4.95/child/month for ChildScan. The following features are provided with AllClear ID:

  • $1 Million ID Theft Insurance – AllClear ID provides financial reimbursement up to $1 million for fees such as legal defense expenses, identity theft related losses, application fees or lost wages.
  • AllClear Credit Monitoring – AllClear ID PRO monitors consumer identities through all 3 national credit bureaus to detect any discrepencies. Triple Bureau Option can be added, but it requires activation and acceptance by AllClear ID.
  • Voice Key Authentication – AllClear ID says, “Upon opening your account, you will record your own private voice key authentication. You’ll hear your own voice when you receive an alert phone call, so you will always know it’s an AllClear ID call and not a criminal or imposter.”
  • AllClear ID Investigator – Assigned by AllClear ID.
  • Full Identity Repair – This comes with the AllClear PRO package.
  • Lost Wallet Protection
  • AllClear ID’s ChildScan – For an additional $4.95/child/month. If you have your child on your plan and they ever become a victim of identity theft or identity fraud, AllClear ID will assist in fully repairing their identity.


  • August 2011 – Awarded “Best in Resolution” by Javelin Strategy & Research
  • February 2012 – Awarded 5 Stevie Awards for Sales & Customer Service: Customer Service Department of the Year, Contact Center of the Year, Best Use of Technology in Customer Service, Front-Line Customer Service Professional of the Year (Investigator Christy McCarley), Customer Service Leader of the Year (VP of Customer Services & Chief Investigator Jamie May)
  • February 2013 – Awarded 5 Stevie Awards for Customer Service: Contact Center of the Year, Best Use of Technology in Customer Service, Front-Line Customer Service Professional of the Year, Contact Center Manager of the Year, and Customer Service Department of the Year.
  • February 2014 – Awarded 5 Stevie Awards for Customer Service: Young Customer Service Professional of the Year, Customer Service Department of the Year, Innovation in Customer Service, Contact Center of the Year, Customer Service Professional of the Year.

Company Values

AllClear ID states the following on their website in regards to their values:

“Who We Are

AllClear ID is a team of technology and customer service professionals committed to delivering helpful and easy to use identity protection for businesses and their customers.

The AllClear ID Customer Support team was recognized by the prestigious Stevie Awards for outstanding customer service in 2012 and 2013.  Industry group Javelin Research named AllClear ID “Best in Resolution” in 2011 for resolving identity theft cases. We are proud to maintain an A rating by the Better Business Bureau.
AllClear ID Alert Network

The AllClear ID Alert Network is the first of its kind: our technology gives you the ability to respond faster to alerts about your identity, and take action if you suspect fraud. Today we have several alerts for our customers including Identity Theft Monitoring, Credit Monitoring, and ChildScan. As we continue to build the network, we will have the ability to alert you quickly and in more places when your identity is at risk.

AllClear ID Leadership

An experienced Management Team gives AllClear ID an advantage in delivering exceptional identity theft protection solutions. Founder and CEO Bo Holland has years of experience in the financial services and technology industry, and has provided research to the Federal Trade Commission. Vice President of Operations Jamie May has provided expertise on the topic of child identity theft to the Department of Justice, and is regularly featured as an identity theft expert across well-respected media outlets.

AllClear ID was founded in 2004, is headquartered in Austin, Texas and is privately funded. ”

AllClear ID was formerly Debix. In 2012, AllClear ID became the official name of the company Debix. It was founded in 2004 by Bo Holland.

AllClear ID Address

AllClear ID Corporate Address:
823 Congress Avenue
Suite 300
Austin, Texas 78701

AllClear ID Mail Processing Center:
PO Box 3356
Suwanee, GA 30024-9847

Better Business Bureau Rating:

AllClear ID has an A- with the Better Business Bureau.

The Verdict

All in all, AllClear ID does have much to offer it’s consumers, despite the lack of transparency in it’s A- Better Business Bureau rating. AllClear ID offers an interesting edge to its consumers with their patented technology and industry awards. Finally, it offers a different and potentially more effective method for its consumers to protect themselves from identity theft and identity fraud.


Identity Guard helps stop identity theft & fraud before the damage can be done.

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AllClear ID

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            • Identity Theft Insurance Coverage of $1 Million
            • Lost Wallet Protection
            • Identity Theft Recovery Assistance
            • AllClear ID ChildScan
            • Modest Pricing Plan


            • One pricing plan
            • Coverage for Children has a fee
            • A- with the Better Business Bureau