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            • 100% Resolution Guarantee
            • Cyber Monitoring
            • Exceptional Identity Monitoring
            • Monitors Thousands of Personal Information Databases
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            • Only 1 Credit Report Provided
            • Credit Scores not Provided

            ID Watchdog was founded by a group of credit professionals. Their goal was to fight for the consumer against identity theft. ID Watchdog recognizes the growing need to prevent identity theft and identity fraud crimes all over the nation. With this concept a product was created that would protect individuals, especially from getting their identity stolen. ID Watchdog offers a unique 100% Identity Theft Resolution guarantee. This is an exceptional guarantee and their products employ patent-pending monitoring technology that effectively helps consumers track their identity over a wide array of different avenues. The Consumer Federation of America recently recognized ID Watchdog as one of the most valuable identity theft protection plans today. A very notable and praise-worthy feat given that the number of companies in the identity theft protection plan industry is growing every day. In this turbulent market where identity theft is rampant, ID Watchdog might be a breath of fresh air.

            The Positives

            Personal Information Monitoring

            Id Watchdog does monitor thousands of personal information databases to help prevent your identity being stolen.

            Their identity theft data monitoring services include:

            • Cyber monitoring – they scan online databases to make sure your information is not being sold or traded
              Scans of Non-Credit Loan (“Payday Loan”) databases – Payday Loans provide identity thieves with a high-interest, quick cash transaction and it makes it easy for them to quickly steal from you.
            • Scans of the National Change of Address (NCOA) database
            • Monthly scans – They scan public records databases containing your social security number to notify you of any breaches with your personal information
            • Wallet protection – ID Watchdog tracks your credit cards, driver’s license, and medical benefits to make sure your identity is safe.

            Additionally, ID Watchdog provides live, prompt and exceptional customer service during their support hours to help prevent identity theft. Despite the fact that ID Watchdog states that they do not provide identity protection for driver’s licenses and passports, if you provide them that information then you can get that protection – you have to actively give them that information though.

            Guarantee and Trial Period

            While other comparable companies provide a free trial, ID Watchdog does not currently offer one. They do offset this setback by guaranteeing your money back if you cancel within 30 days of enrolling.

            The Negatives

            Credit Scores and Reports

            Unfortunately, their credit monitoring is limited to only 1 credit bureau out of the 3 – TransUnion. ID Watchdog does not offer credit scores with their ID Watchdog Plus plan.


            Choosing Your Identity Theft Protection Plan Is Easy

            You can select one of the following plan options with ID Watchdog:

            Annual – SAVE $20 or more! $149.95/12 mos. $219/12 mos.
            Compared to $179.90/12 mos. if paid monthly Compared to $239.90/12 mos. if paid monthly
            Monthly $14.95/mo $19.95/mo

            Contract Information

            Questions? Call ID Watchdog at 1-800-970-5182

            Identity Theft Customer Service Available:
            24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week

            ID Watchdog, Inc.
            PO Box 297
            Denver, Colorado 80201-0297

            You can reach ID Watchdog through their live support during regular business hours or via email anytime.

            Better Business Bureau Rating
            ID Watchdog is accredited with the Better Business Bureau and ranked with an A+ rating. For more information you can view their review by going to their Better Business Bureau page: Better Business Bureau.

            Company Data

            More information can be found on the ID Watchdog site, but here is some basic information about the company from ID Watchdog directly:

            “In 2004, the founders of ID Watchdog, a group of seasoned credit professionals, recognized the growing crime of identity theft and identity fraud and sought out to provide un-matched protection services to consumers.

            Enlisting experts on all facets of identity theft, including law enforcement authorities, judicial representatives, consumer privacy advocates and banking and credit experts, ID Watchdog was able to create the most powerful, pro-consumer identity theft protection service possible.

            ID Watchdog is committed to providing the most comprehensive service on the market.

            ID Watchdog customers can rest assured that their identities are safe because they are using proprietary monitoring technology and providing our unique resolution guarantee.

            Recently recognized by the Consumer Federation of America as one of the most valuable identity theft protection services available, ID Watchdog is company consumers can trust to keep their entire identities safe.

            Here is some more corporation information for ID Watchdog:

            ID WATCHDOG, INC. TSX.V: IDW, OTC: IDWAF To view ID Watchdog’s financial reports, please click here.
            Michael Greene, Chairman and CEO
            Jay Lewis, CFO

            Craig Ramsay, CIO


            Jim Demitrieus

            Rick Gates

            Hank J. Boye

            Murray Atkins

            K. Dieter Heidrich

            Keith G. Rickard”

            The Verdict

            Our opinion on ID Watchdog is simple. It’s turning into a solid company with a great deal of potential. ID Watchdog does provide extensive data monitoring to prevent identity theft but they have a theft resolution guarantee that sets it apart from its competitors.

            “Other companies often provide a $1 million guarantee but ID Watchdog has a 100% Identity Theft Resolution guarantee.”

            This means that you are covered regardless of the effort or cost expended—for all current account holders. In regards to pricing, while the monthly price of the basic package ($14.95) is a bit high, enrolling for a complete year, at $134.95 annually, you’ll be saving 25% ($11.25/month).

            Get started with ID Watchdog today and get a free 30 day trial to test out their services.

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