IdentityForce is a comprehensive identity theft protection service and credit monitoring monitoring service to also individuals, businesses, and government agencies. The best part about IdentityForce is the fact that you can now see where your personal information has been spotted on the internet without your consent.

The Positives

If you sign up with IdentityForce today, they will be willing to reduce the monthly price from $17.95 to $12.95. Here are a few reason’s why we believe IdentityForce is a bargain.

IdentityForce offers identity protection for many sectors such as hospitals, colleges, merchants and enterprise, and government agencies. IdentityForce also has provides monitoring of data to safeguard social securities, bank accounts, and mail addresses. Some features of IdentityForce include:

• IdentityForce Threat Alerts
• Identity Score and Report
• IDF Instant Fraud Alerts
• Online Protection Tools
• Identity Score and Report
• Junk Free
• $1 Million Identity Theft Insurance
• Certified Protection Experts
• ChildWatch Package

IdentityForce’s Identity Restoration Specialists not only assist consumers with identity recovery, but they also help save the consumer the trouble of completing all the paperwork, dealing with creditors, and the time it takes to get your identity restored.

The Negatives

Although IdentityForce’s basic package – UltraSecure – does not provide credit scores and reports, it does proactively scan and monitor your identity for suspicious activity. This can be the first and only preventative measure for most consumers looking for a method to stop fraud attempts rather than to deal with the consequences after becoming victim. Also, IdentityForce’s recovery services do not include replacement of funds lost during this unfortunate time, The insurance only pays to help investigate the situation.


UltraSecure + Credit Price: $19.95/month – Most Popular

  • ChildWatch (Optional Add-On)
  • Continuous Monitoring of your personal information to detect illegal trading and selling.
  • Public Records monitoring.
  • Instant Notification when your personal information is being misused.
  • 24/7 Control
  • Help from Certified Protection Experts
  • Nation-wide $1 million insurance policy
  • 3-Bureau Credit Reports
  • 3-Bureau Credit Scores
  • Monthly Score Tracker

UltraSecure Price: $14.95/month – 14 day Free Trial

  • Everything included in the Essentials package, plus: ChildWatch (Optional Add-On)
  • Continuous Monitoring of your personal information to detect illegal trading and selling.
  • Public Records monitoring.
  • Instant Notification when your personal information is being misused.
  • 24/7 Control
  • Help from Certified Protection Experts
  • Nation-wide $1 million insurance policy

Contract Information

Membership Automatic Renewals

IdentityForce monitoring products and identity theft insurance automatically renews itself every year without action by the member.  The membership fee will be charged at the time of renewal.  All other benefits to the membership that was paid will be accessible until further cancellation by the member.

Membership Termination & Cancellation

Members have the right to cancel their membership at any time after contacting IdentityForce’s customer service base.  If someone tries to cancel the first membership, this will result in forfeiture of membership fees.  If a person cancels their membership renewal within 45 days of the renewal membership fee charge, IdentityForce will refund the membership renewal fee except for $9.95.  This $9.95 charge is a late cancellation fee and will be charged the most recently used credit card used for the website.

Members can avoid forfeiture of the membership renewal fee or the late cancellation fee by canceling before the end of the current annual membership period.  Once the membership is cancelled, the member will lose all access to previous areas on the website that was designated for members only, including credit information and analyses.

Members may cancel their membership at any time.

Privacy Policy

IdentityForce Commitment

“We are sensitive to your privacy concerns, and are committed to letting you know what information is being collected on our Site, how the information is being used and what choices you have regarding the collection and use of the information.”

IdentityForce will try to keep an open and transparent relationship with all of its customers so they will never have to question and wonder why and how their information is being used on this website.

Contact Information

Phone: 877-694-3367
Address: 40 Speen Street, Suite 403
Farmington, MA 01701

Sharing Personal Information

    • Upon signing up with IdentityForce, you are allowing them to disclose your personal information to third parties IdentityForce views to be necessary for protecting or defending rights, safety or property of IdentityForce, their users and others.
    • IdentityForce is also allowed to disclose your personal data to necessary accountants, attorneys, agents, consultants and advisors. All professional duties will comply with IdentityForce’s privacy policy.
    • IdentityForce will not share personal data with unaffiliated third parties for marketing purposes unless the member gives consent or if the member was referred to IdentityForce by that third party.
    • IdentityForce only seeks out and establishes relationships with reputable companies who will provide their members with products and services that will be of interest to the member.

Company Data


    • IdentityForce is based out of Framingham, MA.
    • They started their business in 1978
    • CEO is Mr. Steven Bearak
    • President is Ms. Judith Leary

IdentityForce has been around for over 37+ years, but have only doing identity theft protection for 9+ years. They believe in providing resources for educating people on the threats of identity protection. One of the biggest features of their website is their ongoing news updates and blog posts.

Recent Press Release

IdentityForce Releases a New Infographic: The Nuts and Bolts of Identity Theft

September 11, 2014 announced a new infographic that demonstrates exactly how identity theft occurs and what people can do to prevent identity theft. Since then they have improved and continue to update their resource center for the benefit of all to learn more about how to protect themselves.

Infographic: The nuts and bolts of identity theft

Brands & Partners


    • IdentityForce
    • IdentityForce Gold
    • National Privacy Center
    • SaferPrivacy
    • SmarterPrivacy



Blanket Purchase Agreement to provide credit monitoring services and ID protection to US Government agencies.

Parent Tested Parent Approved Seal of Approval

What Else does Identity Force do?

TBC | Credit Monitoring—IdentityForce

Credit protection is another feature that IdentityForce offers with their ID protection. One of our sister company review sites ( has reviewed them for the credit monitoring services and found them to be one of best. We suggest you look for yourself.

The Verdict

IdentityForce is excellent in fighting identity theft despite it’s premium priced model. Given the ability to print-up-to-date reports and scores and even take care of some its awarding winning features , we have ranked IdentityForce in our top five for very good reasons. Superior customer support, and monitoring to resolution by resolving issues by handling the paperwork and sending out calls can really be the determinants when choosing a powerful identity theft monitoring service.

Get started with IdentityForce today and get a free 14 day trial to test out their services.

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$14.95 - $19.95/month



    Identity Protection


      Recovery Assistance




          Help & Support



            • IdentityForce Threat Alerts
            • Identity Score and Report
            • Online Protection Tools
            • Certified Protection Experts
            • $1 Million Identity Theft Insurance


            • Basic Package (UltraSecure) does not provide credit scores and reports
            • Doesn't monitor driver's license numbers