LegalShield has been a leader in the industry of providing consumers with help from attorneys on a wide variety of different aspects of the law. With their program IDShield, they provide exceptional support and help for consumers to also protect their identity from identity fraud and identity theft. With a $5 million service guarantee, consumers can feel assured that they are covered for all aspects of their identity.

The Positives

LegalShield has been established for a long time and they are an organization that has maintained an impressive A+ BBB grade for 15 years and going. LegalShield provides their restoration services through Kroll. Kroll Advisory Solutions is one of the world’s leading consulting companies in identity theft restoration.

LegalShield provides the following features through IDShield:

  • Extensive and Comprehensive Restoration through Kroll Advisory Solutions
  • Individual and Family Coverage Options at a low price point
  • Your quarterly One-Bureau Credit Report and Score for TransUnion
  • TransUnion Credit Monitoring and Activity Alert
  • Exceptional and Unlimited Consultation Related to Identity Theft Services and your Identity Theft Protection plan
  • Their full service for you, your spouse and up to eight children for only $19.95 a month.

$5 Million Service Guarantee

IDShield also provides consumers with a $5 million Service Guarantee for both their individual and family plans, which helps set them apart from other identity theft protection plans. Essentially, in the event of identity theft or identity fraud, LegalShield’s IDShield will spend up to $5 million of its own resources to restore you, your spouse or your children (whoever was affected) to pre-theft status.

The Negatives

With the Better Business Bureau, LegalShield has over 180 complaints with 64 closed in the past 12 months. Although they have quite a few complaints, keep in mind that they do have millions of customers. Additionally, LegalShield has ben very proactive to try and solve the complaints for customers.

Additionally, another negative is that they only provide one credit bureau report and one score, which is updated on a quarterly basis. This doesn’t allow you to check your credit monthly, but since the protection is so high with their $5 million guarantee, it adds to their reputation and shows that they feel confident that they can protect your identity.

Better Business Bureau:

Check out LegalShield’s BBB rating here: LegalShield Better Business Bureau


LegalShield’s IDShield only $9.95/month for INDIVIDUAL

It includes the following:

    • Unlimited Consultation on your Identity Theft Protection Plan
    • Complete monitoring to protect from Identity Theft and Identity Fraud
    • $5 Million Service Guarantee
    • and more

LegalShield’s IDShield only $19.95/month for FAMILY

It includes the following:

    • Unlimited Consultation on your Identity Theft Protection Plan
    • Complete monitoring to protect from Identity Theft and Identity Fraud
    • $5 Million Service Guarantee
    • and more

Contract Information

Privacy Policy

LegalShield collects non-public information about members through:

  • Information taken from your applications or other forms (including name, address, Social Security number and payment instructions)
  • Data you provide during your visit on LegalShield
  • Data about your transactions with LegalShield, their affiliates or others

Kroll Advisory Solutions Limitations and Exclusions

In order to receive Kroll’s comprehensive identity restoration, the victim must provide:

  • A copy of the police report citing the identity theft case
  • A signed and notarized copy of Kroll Advisory’s Limited Power of Attorney
  • Copies of government issued ID
  • Other identifying information (utility bills, SSN)
  • Completed Federal Trade Commission Identity Theft affidavit form
  • Additional items related to the identity theft event

Kroll Advisory Solutions does not provide its coverage for the listed events:

  • Financial Loss
  • Dishonest Acts
  • Business
  • Dormancy
  • Inactivity
  • Legal Remedy
  • Pre-existing
  • Incurable

Plan Breakdown

Individual Plans Offer ($9.95/month):

  • Unlimited Counseling with Licensed Private investigator
  • SSN Fraud Detection
  • Monthly ID Theft Updates
  • Sex Offender Search
  • Emergency Assistance 24/7/365
  • Live Member Support
  • Data Breach Notifications
  • Identity Alert System
  • Lost & Stolen Wallet Assistance
  • Reduced Pre-Approved Card Offers
  • Licensed Private investigators
  • $5M Service Guarantee
  • Medical Identity Theft Restoration
  • Complete Identity Restoration
  • Financial Identity Theft Restoration
  • Quarterly Score Tracker
  • Credit Inquiry Alerts
  • Payday Loan Monitoring
  • Credit Card Number Monitoring
  • Bank Account Number Monitoring
  • Court Records Monitoring
  • Credit Monitoring
  • Minor Identity Protection
  • and much more.

Family Plans Offer ($19.95/month):

The family plans offer the same as the individual plans offer, but it also protects your spouse and up to 8 children.

The Verdict

LegalShield’s IDShield is a national provider of  legal safeguards, and they offer one of the industry’s most affordable identity theft protection plans with one of the highest service guarantee in the business. LegalShield offers their services to companies and organizations across the US and they protect millions of customers on a monthly basis.

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LegalShield IDShield

$9.95 - $19.95/month
LegalShield IDShield



    Identity Protection


      Recovery Assistance




          Help & Support



            • Id Theft Protection with attorneys on hand
            • Great plans for families and individuals
            • Unlimited consultation in regards to identity theft services
            • $5 Million Service Guarantee
            • Only $19.95 for you, your spouse and up to eight children.


            • Only One-Bureau Credit Report and Score
            • High complaints with the Better Business Bureau
            • Only allow quarterly updates on credit report and score