Identity theft is one of the major concerns of the modern generation and many people have had their identities stolen and used in fraudulent activities. Some have even lost money and their identities used to gain unauthorized access to confidential information. This is why protection from identity theft is very important. Fortunately, there are various companies that have come forward to offer identity theft protection services and finding them should not be a daunting task. Nonetheless, not every company you come across will guarantee quality services. It is therefore important to keenly review each offer before spending your money. LifeLock is one of the most popular identity theft protection companies existing in the market. Here is a detailed review of the company including what they offer, their pros and cons:

What is LifeLock?

LifeLock mainly deals with identity theft protection. The company was established back in 2005 and is the oldest in this field which makes it the safest and most experienced. The company entered an agreement with Trans-Union in 2008 to automate their system and alert users of suspicious activities on their credit. In 2012, they acquired ID Analytic which is a private company that uses predictive analytics (using client data) to detect identity fraud, provide solutions and risk management. The company went public in 2012 and is now listed under NY Stock Exchange under the name LOCK. Its initial public offering was worth $175 million.

What do they offer?

LifeLock offers four main products/services which include the renowned identity theft protection service, public account monitoring, protection from bank account takeovers and credit monitoring services. Their identity theft protection service is quite comprehensive and includes data breach notifications and activity alerts for checking and saving accounts, investment accounts and credit cards. The company offers three plans which include the following:


LifeLock Standard™ Price: $9.99/month

  • LifeLock Identity Alert® System
  • Lost Wallet Protection
  • Address Change Verification
  • Black Market Website Surveillance
  • Reduced Pre-Approved Credit Card Offers
  • Live Member Service Support
  • Identity Restoration Support
  • $1 Million Total Service Guarantee

LifeLock Advantage™ Price: $19.99/month

  • Everything included in the Standard package, plus:
  • Fictitious Identity Monitoring
  • Court Records Scanning
  • Data Breach Notifications
  • Credit Card Activity Alerts†
  • Checking and Savings Account Activity Alerts
  • Online Annual Credit Report
  • Online Annual Credit Score

LifeLock Ultimate Plus™ Price: $29.99/month

  • Everything included in the Standard & Advantage package, plus:
  • Checking and Savings Account Application Alerts
  • Bank Account Takeover Alerts
  • Investment Account Activity Alerts
  • Credit Inquiry Alerts
  • Online Annual Tri-Bureau Credit Reports
  • Online Annual Tri-Bureau Credit Scores
  • Monthly Credit Score Tracking
  • File Sharing Network Searches
  • Sex Offender Registry Reports
  • Priority Live Member Service Support

Contract Information

Privacy Policy

As an identity theft protection company, LifeLock puts much emphasis on privacy of user information and prevention of any unauthorized access. The company is committed to working with other members to find effective resolutions to complaints, and also support law enforcement and regulatory authorities to catch/stop identity theft crimes. Upon sign up, you will be required to provide personal information that includes name, email address, social security number, phone number, postal address, date of birth and financial information. Other voluntary information will also be requested as well as verification of all details provided in the account. LifeLock also collects additional information from third parties like public databases, data aggregators and ID analytics.

What Is Covered?

LifeLock is known for their generous insurance covers for victims of identity theft. The coverage includes provisions for document replacements, traveling expenses, lost income and childcare, elderly care, fraudulent withdrawals from bank accounts and remediation (legal) services and case management. However, fraudulent withdrawals by family members are not covered as well as notifications made after 90 days of the breach. In order to be eligible for these insurance covers, users must notify their banks using the laid terms and conditions, follow all necessary steps to prevent further damage, provide all the required documentation and request waivers for given fees.

The Pros

The advantages of using LifeLock ID theft protection services are quite obvious and straightforward. This is the first such company to be established and have profound knowledge in the industry. They have gathered experience and insights from their many service years and are thus better suited to handle your requirements. This is clearly expressed by their comprehensive services that range from personal ID monitoring to real time scanning of information, instant breach alerts and ID theft response. They also offer personal identity card geo-tracking. Some of the crystal pros of the company include the following;

  • Affordable comprehensive ID theft protection and monitoring services
  • Prompt alerts for ID theft and breaches as well as activity on various accounts
  • $1 million insurance for ID theft and more covers for different situations

LifeLock offers users a sense of security and peace of mind. Their services are tailored towards preventing ID theft cases in time before more damage is caused. The company also has a working relationship with the FBI law enforcement department and they have contacts with various national victim assistance organizations.

The Cons

Like every other company, there are a few concerns you need to worry about before choosing LifeLock. They are considered limited in terms of members benefits particularly because of their previous legal run-ins. The company has been breached in the past and this often leaves potential clients apprehensive of company’s capacity to protect their information. What’s more, other companies that have sprung up recently depict more useful features in their plans with no significant increase in pricing.

The Verdict

When looking for identity theft companies, the top priority aspects include security, identity protection, recovery assistance, help and support and additional features. LifeLock is a reputable long-serving identity theft protection company with over a decade long experience in the field. Despite their previous run-ins and breaches, they are still better suited to meeting your unique requirements considering they managed to get back up quick and prevent damages. They have shown they can recover from breaches and protect their client which is very important.

Get started with LifeLock today and get 10% OFF and a free 30 day trial to test out their services.

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    Identity Protection


      Recovery Assistance


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            • Personal ID Monitoring
            • Realtime Information Scanning
            • Account Takeover Alerts
            • Personal ID Geo-Tracking
            • $1 Million Identity Theft Insurance


            • Limited In Plan Features
            • Past Breaches
            • Previous Legal Run Ins